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The modern age is the age of science. Science is making impossible things possible. The dreams of yesterday have become the reality of today. Science has enabled us to fly in the air. We are able to swim like a fish under water. Science has gifted us many things in life. Science has increased human happiness. Science has lengthened life, minimized danger and made our life happier than our forefathers had. If they revisit the world from their heavenly abode they would be so much pleased and surprised that they would like to come back and stay here instead.

Wonders of Science

  1. Science has made the world a small place. Railway trains, motor cars, aeroplanes take us to any part of the world we wish to go to. 
  2. We can talk to our far off friends with the help of telephone, send telegraphic messages and hear every day happenings on the radio and television. 
  3. We are now able to stream movies and TV Shows for our entertainment. The world has become a very small place due to Scientific inventions. 
  4. There is a revolution in the communication and transport means. Now we can easily communicate with our friends and family from anywhere in the world.
  5. Electricity is another wonder of science. It is a source of power that lights the world around us. Electricity is produced from water, wind, coal and atoms. 
  6. Agriculture has progressed a great lot. 
  7. Medical science has achieved many wonders. Life saving drugs and transplantation of human body parts is becoming a reality. 
  8. The technology of Online Education have revolutionized the modern day education system
  9. Weather forecasts are predicted by using science. 
  10. With the help of satellites we are now able to predict weather conditions and even natural calamities.

Disadvantages of Science.

There is no doubt that Science has blessed us with a lot of inventions that made our lives considerably easier but there is always two sides of a coin. The invention of atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, magnetic tanks, missiles and long-distance guns are very harmful to mankind. Such inventions pose a great threat of extinction to the mankind. They are a warning to the human species on the earth. Invention of many destructive weapons have increased the Horrors of War. 


It will be better for mankind if Science works like a slave for us. The world of artificial intelligence has already started giving us initial warnings by replacing human intelligence. Therefore, we should make our best efforts not make Science our master. Its use should be for the betterment of mankind rather than inventing methods of destruction.

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