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Twelfth Night is a fast-paced romantic comedy with several interconnected plots of romance, mistaken identities and practical jokes written by William Shakespeare. This story takes place in Illyria, Italy. The main character is named Viola. At the beginning of the play Viola and Sebastian, two twins, are in the middle of a terrible storm that got their ship wrecked. After the storm ended, both of them believed that the storm had consumed the other twin and died.

Viola, being a woman, is very terrified of the thought of living alone in the world. In order to stay away from trouble of being harassed by men she disguised herself as a man and named herself Cesario. Viola want to work as a musician, so she went to the Duke of Illyria, Orsino. She soon finds out that Orsino is deeply in love with Lady Olivia. But Olivia does not love him back. Viola offers Orsino to impress Olivia for him. Orsino happily agrees to Viola’s plan.

Lady Olivia is a very private person and hardly meet anyone. Many men are trying to marry her but none have been successful. Olivia’s brother just died. So she is depressed and refuses to see anyone.

After seeing Viola who looked like a handsome young man, Olivia’s interest increased to meet him. She fell in love with Cesario aka Viola at first sight. Viola doesn’t know what to do.

While Olivia is falling in love with Viola (Cesario), Viola is falling in love with her master Duke Orsino. However, the Duke of Orsino shows no interest in Viola as for the Duke she was a young man named Cesario. Viola tried to show her love to the Duke by giving him girly hints but the Duke found Cesario to be a strange man. Now Viola is stuck in a love triangle!

In the other corner of Illyria, Sebastian is trying to find Viola with the help of his friend Antonio, who is afraid of getting arrested by the Duke Orsino’s soldiers. Antonio and Sebastian go their separate ways. Antonio is able to find Cesario (Viola), but he thinks he found Sebastian. However, Cesario acts indifferent as of course she doesn’t know Antonio, to which, Antonio becomes very angry. Seeing Antonio with Viola, the Duke sent his soldiers to arrest him.

Since, Sebastian and Viola (who dressed as a man named Cesario) looks exactly alike being twins, everyone in the kingdom is getting confused. In this confused state of affairs, Olivia ended up marrying Sebastian thinking him as Cesario. The Duke is also very angry at the sight of seeing his love getting married with Cesario. At the climax of the play, Viola finally found Sebastian. This gave her the strength to unveil her appearance and let the world know her secret that Cesario was a woman disguised as a man.

Now when everyone know that Cesario was a woman, the Duke understood why Cesario (Viola) was acting like a woman. Now, Olivia understood why Cesario (Viola) didn’t returned her love and the Duke also understood why Cesario was giving him strange hints like a woman. Olivia is happy to be married to Sebastian and the Duke admits to loving Viola and they, too, get married.

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