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Trees are the most important gift of nature. They play an important role in our lives and our economy. They help us maintain the ecological balance which is essential to sustain life on earth.

Trees help us in many ways. They provide us with immense wealth. We get different types of food and nutrients from trees. They give us different kinds of fruits like mangoes, jack fruits, blackberries, oranges, pineapples, etc. These fruits heal us and protect us from diseases. Many medicines are also prepared from trees. Trees help us exist on earth by absorbing carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, and releasing oxygen into the air. They give shelter and shade for birds, animals and human beings. They make our land fertile and protect the soil from erosion. Tree plantation saves water and brings rainfall. They also give us wood that has great economic value. Trees are important to maintain the biodiversity, ecosystem balance and also protect us from the GreenHouse effect.

Trees and forests have a major impact on the climate. A country needs trees as it provides a cool and healthy climate for the people. If we destroy trees, one day the land will become a desert. As a result, the country will face a major ecological imbalance. Deforestation will also cause global warming and severe pollution as trees play an important part of absorbing harmful gases. Trees keep our soil strong and protect us from floods and many other natural disasters.

Our life and our environment depend heavily on trees. To have happy and prosperous lives we need to plant more trees. We should encourage our friends and family to plant more trees.

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