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The Old Man and the Sea is a novelette written in 1951 by Ernest Hemingway, an American author. It is Ernest’s one of the most famous works and narrates a story of a grueling adventure between an old fisherman, a young kid and a huge Marlin fish. In the opening scenes of the story, Santiago, an old fisherman who failed to catch a fish for 84 days straight. So he is considered unlucky by other fishermen. He has a young apprentice named Manolin who assists the old man in everyday works to learn from him the art of fishing. However, his parents want Manolin to look for a better fisherman than the old man.

But the boy is determined to look after the old man every night by offering him food and clothes. Both of them talk about baseball as they both greatly admire Joe DiMaggio, a famous baseball player. Santiago is still confident that his streak of failure will soon end. And that he will be able to catch a fish if he could sail farther down into the deep waters of the Gulf Stream.

On the eighty-fifth day, he sailed far from the island and entered the Gulf Stream. He prepared the fishing lines and dropped them. In the afternoon, a big marlin fish took the bait in the deep sea. He made a great effort to pull in the marlin to the boat, but Marlin gave a tough challenge. For two straight days both the old man Santiago and Marlin struggled to win the battle between each other. Both of them were wounded and exhausted by the fight. But Santiago has developed a compassion for the fish for its determination to escape. 

On the third day, the fish started circling the boat. Completely exhausted by the whole adventure, Santiago grabbed all his strength and started pulling the Marlin. As soon as the fish is close, Santiago saw the opportunity and struck the fish with the harpoon to kill it. Santiago then ties up the fish and starts his journey back home. As they started their journey back towards home, the Marlin’s blood attracts a great Mako Shark who tries to eat the Marlin. Santiago kills the shark but loses his weapon in the combat. Later more and more sharks started chasing the Marlin. Santiago then makes his own weapon by strapping a knife at the back of the hull. Santiago was able to kill 5 sharks with his new weapon but they kept coming in and at the night time the Sharks completely ate away the Marlin leaving behind it’s skeleton.

The following day, tired by the adventures, Santiago reached the shore and struggled back to his home leaving the Marlin Skeleton in the boat. Later the fishermen discovered the skeleton and measured it to be 18 feet long. All the fishermen showed immense respect for the old man. They ask Manolin to apologise to the old man on their behalf. Manolin started looking out for the old man sleeping soundly in his home. He prepared a cup of coffee for the old man and promised to always go fishing together from now on. In the end, Santiago fell asleep and dream about playing with the lions of Africa.

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