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The Internet has become the fundamental need of the current generation. Almost half of the population around the world these days is using the internet regularly. Moreover, the average number of users on social media are increasing with each passing day. 

The youngsters are among the top people who prefer using these channels to stay tuned to the latest updates and to establish connections with near and dear ones. However, social media is also causing several negative impacts on school and college students. Therefore, it is crucial to educate students regarding best practices to use social media for positive results. 

Common impacts of social media:

Social media has become a playground for the modern generation. They spend most of their time playing games, watching videos, and making online connections. But somewhere, they have lost their interest in real-time. Many of them do not even spare time to spend with parents and other family members which is causing a lack of emotional and social health. 

Students have become prone to frequent mood swings due to social media. Many students are worried about their looks and that is why they always try to upload more beautiful photos than theirs friends. A Recent survey has stated that when someone uploads a profile picture, it immediately affects the moods of friends. It often produces stress, anxiety or fear about their identities as people. 

When social media is used for social upliftment, learning, and teaching, it can provide several positive outcomes for school students. But they need to analyse the difference between fake and original content.

Reports reveal that due to the excessive use of social media, plenty of school students have deviated from their personal and career development goals. Parents need to advise their children to spend time on learning, meditation, and yoga instead of wasting time on chatting, likes, and shares. 

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