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Since the dawn of civilization, farmers have continued to feed the people through their agricultural profession. The contribution of farmers to the economic development of the country is eternal.

George Washington says: “Agriculture is the healthiest, most useful and noble employment of man.” A farmer is a person who is dedicated to agriculture. He leads a very simple life. He lives from hand to mouth. He cultivates his own land or that of others. He works hard. He gets up early in the morning and works from morning to night. We know that India is an agricultural country.

About 53% of the population of India are farmers. Approximately sixty percent of the total land area of ​​India is used for agriculture. Our farmers carry out endless economic activities to alleviate the malnutrition of the country’s population, providing fish, meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, etc.

Today, the situation for farmers is getting worse every day for various reasons. Natural disasters leave them destitute and powerless. It is a fact that it is really impossible for the farmer to continue the wheel of development neglecting the main engine of the economy. It cannot be denied that the benefits of government subsidies, for the most part, do not end up reaching the peasantry. Again, it is often impossible for farmers to sell the products at the price they produce. Farmers, on the other hand, are forced to sell their products to intermediaries at a lower price. As a result, they do not get a fair price for their agricultural products. We must remember that if the farmer survives, agriculture will survive, and if agriculture survives, our country will survive. Farmers are the backbone of Indian economic development. They are the elixir of life in India. Therefore, the government should increasingly make adequate schemes for the benefit of farmers so that they are uplifted.

In the long run, to save our farmers, we must take precautions to buy products directly from them. We have to guarantee fair prices for their agricultural products. To modernize the agricultural sector, all modern agricultural equipment must be delivered to farmers. We need to organize training for small farmers. We must do everything possible to save our farmers.

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