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During the COVID lockdown, people have spent more time alone in their homes following the social distancing. As a result, many of them have turned towards their mobile phones and browsed social media platforms for their entertainment. But people have gone too far with instagram reels, youtube shorts and tiktok videos as they spend countless hours scrolling and gazing at their phone continuously which not only affects their physical health but also pose a threat to their mental health. 

The social media platforms have now become a constant stream of news that contains an endless amount of information about COVID. And not all of it comes from authentic sources. Some of the news, articles and videos on these platforms are outright made to gather views, likes, comments and shares. Often such posts contain wrong or misinformation in an attempt to create a buzz. It is quite easy for any scrupulous person today to just make a video and share it on various social media platforms. These posts often contain disturbing images, videos and information about COVID that are created to spread fear among the masses once they go viral. Therefore, one should always watch and read news and information from authentic sources. Before sharing any information you have acquired from social media, please make sure that it is in fact genuine information.

There are many youtube channels and videos that have uploaded various remedies and quick fixes to “cure” COVID. People and especially parents easily fall trap to such information and start sharing it with their childrens out of love and care. But what they fail to recognize is that the people making videos are not a medical expert or scientist and just another guy who just decided to make a video about COVID remedies. These sources may provide you conflicting information that further creates more anxiety among people. Therefore, you must always lookout for information from trusted channels. There are many sources where you will get all the factual and practical ways to fight against the virus. While few remedies might work temporarily, the most effective way to secure yourself is to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Scrolling Social media platforms also distract you from the main goal of your life. This can lead you to incompetence, lethargy and stress which can build overtime. These three things combined can invite a host of other mental and physical diseases and can turn your life into disaster. Therefore, you must finish all the important chores of your day to day life and then and only then, you should reward yourself at the end of the day by watching social media platforms. 

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