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Student life is considered as the golden part of life because it is the most enjoyable phase of life. This is because student life is free from materialistic things. At this point in life, a person cares less about what is going on in the world and only cares about his happiness and joy. The student’s life is also the determining phase of life in which a student’s ethics and morals develop according to his environment and his teachings. A child’s future largely depends on how they have grown up during their student life, as this determines their character and strengths.

In this phase of life, a student should acquire as much knowledge as possible to be more aware of the outside world. Punctuality and discipline should be taught during student life, as these are the two characteristics that make a person wise and successful in life.

Student life is the foundation of a student’s career because it is a formative phase of life. If a student can shine in school, they can also be successful in their long term career. Well, student life is not only about reading and learning, but also about the overall development of a person who needs to be active in sports and extracurricular activities to be mentally and physically smart.

Therefore, student life plays an important role in one’s life as it shapes our future and helps us understand the ups and downs of life. It also develops the competitive spirit among the students and helps them to grow and nourish themselves with great vigour and strength. Students are the future of a country and must be educated in the right environment to make them responsible citizens of the nation.

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