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Noise pollution is undesirable or excessive sound that impacts human health, wild animals and the environment. Noise is measured in decibels or dB. Sound pollution is commonly generated by various industrial, non-industrial and construction activities. Sound pollution occurs when the noise levels in the environment is much higher than the average level. Excessive noise in our surroundings is dangerous for the our livelihood. The accelerating level of noise pollution has put the lives of our present and future generations at serious danger. Noise pollution is a horrible gift of modern society and increasing industrialization.

Causes and sources of Noise Pollution.

  • Industrialization is the main cause for rise in noise pollution. The usage of heavy machinery such as in mills, generators, and huge ventilators produces undesirable noise.
  • Increasing number of vehicles on roads is the second cause of noise pollution.
  • Religious public gatherings, weddings, advertisings and political campaigns often involve use of loudspeakers which produce a lot of unwanted noise.
  • Business activities like construction of roads and buildings, mining etc. are also the sources of noise pollution.
  • The usage of firecrackers during Diwali and other important festivals is another source of noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution

  • Noise pollution can cause anxiety, high blood pressure and migraines. Extreme loudness can also lead to heart attack in some cases.
  • If the level of voice is above 80 dB, it can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss in people.
  • Noise can cause attacks of stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety in both humans and animals.
  • One cannot sleep if the surrounding noise is higher than 45 dB. 
  • Unwanted noise may cause people to lose their focus, leading to lower performance with time. The growing noise pollution with time reduces the ability and quality of work.
  • Loud noise can have hidden effects on humans and animals, causing aggressive behavior and irritability.

Prevention of Noise Pollution

  • Honking in common places like hospitals, schools and colleges etc. should be banned.
  • Use of firecrackers during religious events, festivals, political campaigns, weddings and parties should be regulated, if not banned.
  • Proper soundproof systems may be installed in factories, mills and industrial plants.
  • The use of loudspeakers in public places should be banned or should be allowed to use within desirable limits.
  • We should plant more trees as they also play an important role in preventing noise pollution.
  • Explosives like dynamites should not be misused in mountains and mining areas.
  • Heavy industries, airports and factories which are prone to produce lots of noise and environmental pollution should be located to remote areas separate from residential zones.


Noise pollution is a pose a great danger to humans and animal kingdom. We must make people aware of the impact of noise pollution. We must adopt creative and innovative solutions to prevent or regulate noise pollution in our area. If consistent and radical steps are not taken to prevent noise pollution, then it will become an extremely severe problem for our future generations. Therefore, we must spread awareness about the dangers of noise pollution to defeat this invisible enemy. 

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