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In this modern society you can see adults and teenagers smoking at parties and nightclubs. They attatch the habit of smoking with maturity, coolness and status. They are least worried about the fact that smoking will give them cancer one day. ““Smoking is injurious to health” is a warning written on every cigarettes’ pack. However, people ignore this truth and continue to smoke regardless of their health and family.

Smoking causes many health problems in the lungs, heart, and kidneys and even causes cancer. Smokers are aware of the negative effects of smoking, but they do not stop smoking because they become addicted to the nicotine present in cigarettes. Millions of people die each year as a result of smoking, so we can see how much this affects our society.

People in their teens are more susceptible to build the habit of smoking. They saw it as a way to destress and relax the mind but in turns they start causing various health problems. Therefore, it is important that people understand the negative effects and give up as soon as possible to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. For decades, many families have suffered the loss of loved ones and have faced financial problems from the harmful effects of smoking. 

Furthermore, non-smokers exposed to tobacco from the environment are at high risk, just like the ones who smoke directly. It is especially harmful to the elderly and children. Governments should ban the manufacturing of tobacco and cigarettes. Media must play its role to motivate the public against it. Children should be educated at the early stages about the harmful effects of smoking. The students must be monitored regarding this by the institutions. All the public places must be declared as No Smoking Zones.

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