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The passionate love for one’s nation or country is termed as Patriotism. The person who is truly a patriot keeps his nation and country his first priority above all others. For this he works selflessly for the betterment of the country. The feeling of patriotism can be truly experienced at the times of war and national emergency. At such critical times, all the citizens of a nation stand together as one and make their country stronger. 

Just like our mothers nurture us and raise us to make us better human beings, similarly our nation and country provide us all the resources we need to become a better citizen. In that sense our country is our motherland. We should do everything and anything to protect our motherland. This can only be achieved if we are true patriots of our country.

Patriotism helps a country to grow and become stronger. When all the citizens are working as one unit with just one goal in the mind of improving and developing their own country. The results are always positive and surprising. That nation can experience exponential growth in every field, be it economical, social, cultural or science & technology. 

There are many ways to become a true patriot. It is a myth that only soldiers at war can become a true patriot. In fact, anyone who acts selflessly for the betterment and protection of their nation can become a true patriot. At present times, when COVID 19 has spread all over the world, it is the time when each one of us can stand together and follow the COVID guidelines by heart and guide other people to follow social distancing and wearing masks.

People who are volunteering their help in such a crisis and have committed themselves to provide vaccination, food and basic resources to the Corona virus patients are doing a great service to their nation. We should all see them as our idols and respect them. 

 Though it is a small effort on our part, any one who is participating is a true patriot.

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