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In this post I have written a short and succinct paragraph on green Pakistan for the students of class 9 to help them in their homework.

Green Pakistan is a campaign started by Pakistan Youth Outreach (PYO) due to climate change as a result of the rise in industrialization. It is the responsibility of every citizen to protect the environment. Global warming is a serious threat to mankind and therefore Green Pakistan initiative has been launched to address this issue.

The campaign will include several workshops and seminars. It’s main focus is to include the youth of the country to make efforts to preserve nature. Climate change, wildlife conservation, plantation and public health are some of the important topics to be covered under green pakistan initiative.

These workshops will motivate the participants to protect our planet, mountains, plains and glaciers from the dangers of climate change and global warming. Men and women will both come together to plant more trees and plants.

These workshops will also include a range of other areas like disaster management, environmental risk reduction, environment education, environment health etc. These seminars and workshops will help to improve the quality of life of the citizens. The Green Pakistan initiative has been launched to achieve all of its objectives in a timely manner to attain sustainability.

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