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Noise Pollution Essay In English

Noise pollution is unwanted or excessive sound that affects human health, wildlife and environment. Noise is measured in decibels or dB. Noise pollution is commonly generated by many industrial, non-industrial and construction activities. Noise pollution occurs when the level of noise in the environment is much higher than the normal level. Excessive noise in the environment is unsafe for the purpose of living. The ever increasing level of noise pollution has put the lives of present and future generations at great risk. Noise pollution is a terrible gift of modern life and increasing industrialization and urbanization.

Causes and sources of Noise Pollution.

  • Industrialisation has led to an increase in noise pollution. The use of heavy machinery such as generators, mills, and huge exhaust fans produces unwanted noise.
  • Increased number of vehicles on the roads are the second reason for noise pollution.
  • Weddings and public gatherings involve loudspeakers which results in the production of unwanted noise.
  • Mining, construction of buildings and roads etc. causes noise pollution.
  • The use of firecrackers during festivals is also a source of noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution

  • Noise pollution can cause respiratory problems, high blood pressure and headache. Extreme loudness can also lead to heart attack in some cases.
  • If the level of voice is above 80 dB, it can cause temporary or permanent deafness in people.
  • Noise can cause attacks of stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety in both humans and animals.
  • One cannot sleep if the surrounding noise is higher than 45 dB. 
  • Noise may affect people’s ability to focus, which can lead to low performance over time. Increasing noise pollution day by day reduces the ability and quality of work of humans.
  • Loud noise can have hidden effects on humans and animals, causing aggressive behaviour and irritability.

Prevention of Noise Pollution

  • Honking in public places like teaching institutes, hospitals etc. should be banned.
  • Use of firecrackers during festivals, weddings and parties should be reduced.
  • Adequate soundproof systems should be installed in hospitals and industrial buildings.
  • Musical instruments’ sound should be controlled to desirable limits.
  • Dense tree cover is useful in noise pollution prevention.
  • Explosives should not be misused in forests, mountainous and mining areas.
  • There should be separation between residential zones and sources of noise like airports, factories and industries.


Noise pollution is a serious threat to humans and wildlife. We must make people aware of the impact of noise pollution. We must encourage them to adopt ways that do not contribute to noise pollution. If regular and drastic steps are not taken to prevent this, then it will become a very serious problem for future generations as well. Therefore, awareness of noise pollution is essential to beat this invisible enemy. 

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