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Having a hobby enriches our lives. A hobby can be used to learn a new skill like playing guitar or piano and at the same time is fun to practice. There are many exciting activities in the world that you can turn them into your hobby. Of course, all of us are unique and therefore, our interests and hobbies vary.

My hobby is to play badminton which is a fun and active sport. The reason I chose badminton as my hobby is that It exercises my whole body. Continuous movements while playing badminton helps increase the blood flow and strengthen the heart. There are various kinds of shots and smashes, for example backhand and forehand smashes, that help in improving the flexibility and agility of our muscles. Playing badminton on a regular basis improves the metabolic rate of the body that also helps in reducing extra weight and keeps me fit and firm.

Apart from physical benefits, badminton also helps in improving mental agility. I have to keep track of the shuttle and have to be alert and make fast decisions about where to move, how to move and which would be the best shot to return the shuttle back to the other court. The fast movements during rallies also improves my reflexes and lung capacity. There are numerous health benefits associated with playing badminton, but there are social benefits too. Badminton is a game of two or four players, therefore healthy competition among other players, whether you win or lose, improves our social relationship and adds spice to our lives rather than drowning us into the digital world. 


  • Enriches: to improve the quality of ]something
  • Captivates: attracts our attention
  • Mental agility: mental quickness and sharpness

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