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Ambition is a strong desire to achieve success in life. It plays an important part in one’s personal and professional development. A person with extraordinary talents will never be able to achieve anything in life if he doesn’t have any ambition. He will waste his talents and time on meaningless activities. Ambition is a goal of your life that will give you directions and attitude to overcome all the hurdles that come along your journey to achieve it.

I have an ambition to become a District Collector (DC) because I want to serve my country better on a larger scale. It is a job that comes with great powers and prestige. Therefore, I will have a huge responsibility over my shoulders to deliver my duties effectively. Also, there are lots of facilities and perks associated with it. Being a DC, I will have the power to bring in positive changes in the lives of people. I will be in a position to influence various policies on social initiatives, education, health and economy of the nation. Being a Collector, I will have an opportunity to play a direct and active part in the progress of my country. I will be able to better utilise my talents and abilities in the development of my state and country.

My parents have guided me that my ambition in life must be both challenging and satisfying. That’s why I chose to become a District Collector. I get Goosebumps, whenever I visualize myself becoming a Collector. It instills in me a great sense of upliftment and gratitude. Even though it is generally believed that only a few brilliant people can become a Collector. But my teacher has told me that anyone who studies systematically and religiously can easily clear the exam. Therefore, I am committing myself with proper guidance from my teachers and parents to study and achieve the ambition of my life.

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