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Mobile Phone is an invention that has changed the world. It has made communication very convenient and cost effective. We cannot even imagine our world without mobile phones. It has become a significant part of our lives. There are very few people who are without a mobile phone. In fact, we have become dependent on mobile phones for daily communication and business purposes. A new word, Nomophobia has been coined which is defined as a fear or a state of anxiousness related to being without a mobile phone. It is most prevalent among campus and college youths though older people are also getting into the mix.

Disadvantages of a Mobile Phone.

  1. People are so much distracted by incoming calls, emails, texts or social media related notifications that they are not able to focus on what they are doing. People are constantly distracted by mobile phones and lose their productivity.
  2. Mobile phones have made the world a small place by connecting people together. On one hand mobile phones have brought people together virtually, while on the other hand, people are getting isolated in the real world. People will rather chat with their friends online rather than talking to the group sitting in front of them.
  3. The harmful radiation that a mobile phone is emitting is slowly creating problems for your health. Late night chats, games and binge watching movies in total darkness results in eye related problems. 

Advantages of a Mobile Phone.

  1. Mobile phones have become very helpful in excelling in the education system. Due to COVID 19 students can attend smart classes through mobile. They can even download and read e-books, watch video lectures and attend a virtual classroom using popular apps like Google Classrooms, Microsoft Meet, and Zoom etc.
  2. Mobile phones have made the world a small place. As long as this device is in your pocket, you can connect with your friends and relatives anywhere in the world. You can video call your loved ones in no time and see them even when they are at a different corner of the world.
  3. The smart mobile phones have brought a world of entertainment to the people at their hands. With thousands of mobile phone apps, people have unlimited ways to entertain themselves. They can play games, listen to songs and podcasts, watch movies and videos etc. Kids have the opportunity to enjoy cartoons on YouTube rather than TV.

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