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Leisure time can be defined as the time when one is not working or the free time. For students leisure time is the free time left after their schools and tuitions.  It is the time that is meant to be enjoyed after the routine work is over. Leisure time can be utilized to perform various activities that refreshes the mind and body. People use leisure time for indoor and outdoor activities to improve their mental and physical health.

Taking a step back from your daily work and enjoying your leisure time to the fullest is important for everyone. It actually improves your productivity. It clears your mind and gives you renewed energy to perform even better the next time at work. Leisure time activities relieves you from all the stress and improves the mood. It also helps in achieving a work-life balance that keeps you active and productive.

I spend my leisure time reading books, playing badminton and gardening. I have carefully chosen these activities to sharpen myself both physically and mentally. Also I want to stay close to nature, therefore, gardening was the perfect choice for me. All of these activities help me to stay fresh and active. I enjoy them to the fullest, therefore it freshens up my mind. This in turn helps me in performing my routine work with great enthusiasm.

Reading is my favourite hobby. Apart from improving my vocabulary it also helps me strengthen my brain. Since I love to read story books, it has improved my ability to understand feelings and beliefs. Reading books also helps in relieving me from stress. Half an hour of reading a good book is like meditation for me. My father says that reading books helps my brain fight age-related mental diseases.

Playing badminton helps in improving my physical fitness.  It provides me with a way of doing a total body workout. I also get a chance to interact with other players which improves my social skills. Meanwhile Badminton helps in improving any symptoms of depression and anxiety. Also playing badminton is a good exercise where I can do quick movements in a short span of time. Such movements help me keep my body lean, flexible and agile.

Gardening and raising plants is a fruitful hobby that I have cultivated in myself. I spend one hour each day taking care of the vegetables and fruits I plant. In turn, these plants provide my home clean air to breathe. Harvesting the fruits and vegetables I have planted months ago boosts my self-esteem. Planting green leafy vegetables at homes improves our environment as well.

This is how I spend my leisure time every day. Experts say that time is the most important currency. So we should be very careful when it comes to spending our leisure time. We should structure our day properly and include leisure time activities to improve the quality of our lives. 

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