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International Women’s Day is celebrated all around the world on 8th March. It is a symbol of political, cultural and socioeconomic achievements for women. The main focus of the International Women’s Day is to promote gender equality. The day is also celebrated to emphasize on social acts like violence against women.

The first International Women’s day was celebrated in 1975. The year was also marked as the first International Women’s Year. IWD was born from the labor movements at the start of the 20th century. The European countries were the forerunners of the movement. Back then, women worked under very harsh conditions. Russian women protested against the violence they were suffering from. One Sunday, on 8th March, 1917 the women went on strike with the slogan “Bread and Peace”. This movement gave rise to the National Women’s Day in Russia. The first ever Women’s National Day was celebrated in the United States of America in 1909. 

International Women’s Day marks the day of women’s empowerment. Since 1975, women had made tremendous progress in their career and personal growth. On this day, the world remembers the extraordinary achievements women have made in the past. At present times as well, women have outperformed men in many aspects of life. Women have contributed in many ways to make this world a beautiful place. We should all unite together to promote gender equality. 

Every year, the International Women’s Day is celebrated to honour women with different themes. This year the theme is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. In many regions, women still face discrimination. They are not allowed to study in schools and colleges. Their only role is to perform household work. Many women are suffering from domestic violence even in today’s time. We should fight against such cruel practices. 

The theme suggests, women should never lose hope and surrender. She should fight back and challenge those who put them down. At the same time, we all should fight to achieve gender equality. The world is suffering from various socio economic and climate problems. Women have now become leaders and change makers in such fields. Without them our future growth can not be sustained.

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