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“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Allan Bloom

Education that provides specific practical knowledge of technologies and skills is called technical Education. It is different from general education. Technical education promotes self-learning and increases the potential of students. Technical education is not about studying and passing exams, it has given today’s hardworking and talented students a technical edge.

“Men are only as good as their technical education allows them to be.”

The main objective of technical education is to train students, make them skillful and technically fit for the industry. Technical training programs offer very good career and job opportunities. It imparts basic to advance knowledge about modern technologies for the budding technical aspirants.

“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.”

Wilbur Wright

Technical education offers good job opportunities and a successful career. When we talk about technical education, it contributes an important part to the entire educational system and plays an important role in the social and economic development of our nation.

“Education is the best economic policy there is.”

Tony Blair

Technical education is offered at different levels such as: Institute of Industrial Education, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree, Postgraduate Studies and Research in Specific Technical Fields. It includes training in trade, commerce, carpentry, weaving, agriculture, medicine, engineering etc. To maintain the level of technical education, specialised departments have been established in various countries that are responsible for the planning, formulation and maintenance of norms and standards, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation, maintenance of certifications and recognitions.

In times of unemployment, only technical education can secure a job or source of income and guarantee a comfortable life. Those who are still in conventional institutions and who pass exams that are not relevant in modern systems may not find employment opportunities.

“At the end of the day the true value proposition of technical education is employment.”

If a country has enough trained technicians, it will definitely accelerate the pace of its development. Technicians cannot be unemployed. On the other hand, technicians can also start their own business. They can also provide employment opportunities for other educated people. Technical education thus helps us to reduce the problem of unemployment.

“Technical Education programs have made a real difference in the lives of countless young people nationwide.”

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