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Education is the process of learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, beliefs and habits. It is a tool which provides us with information which enables us to live a better life in society. Education helps us expand our vision and make us capable of fighting against unjust events influenced by the bad elements of society. Briefly speaking, education gives us knowledge of the world around us. It helps us develop our own perspective to look at life. Education is the most important aspect of human evolution as without it we cannot form new, creative and innovative ideas that lead to the development of the nation. 

In the modern world, education plays an important role in defining the living standards of the people. At present times, education helps people to alleviate poverty, provide security against crimes, uplift economically weaker sections of society, empower women and improve the law and order of the country. By acquiring education a person can improve not only his personal life but also the status of his society and his country. Education is an integral part of human society. Its importance in life cannot be ignored as lack of education gives birth to numerous social problems like poor health, internal conflict, poor living standards and many more.

As a social being, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide their children with essential education. And it is a fundamental duty of every student to continue acquiring new knowledge at every aspect of his life. This will help you develop as a responsible and respectful person in life. Educated people are more capable to serve the nation on a larger scale. Therefore, to evolve ourselves and our country as a whole, it is important that the Government should provide essential education to each child.

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