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Global Warming Essay In English | Causes and Effects of Global Warming

Global warming is the name given to the phenomena of gradual rise in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. Numerous activities are happening on earth which are slowly raising the temperature of the earth. Due to Global warming our snow glaciers are melting rapidly thus increasing the sea levels day by day. This is extremely dangerous for both humans as well as the animals. We humans should make a collective efforts to control global warming. The initial step in resolving any problem is to recognize their causes. For that reason, we first need to grasp the causes of global warming that will assist us in moving forward to resolve the issue.

Global warming is a major challenge that needs careful attention. There are several natural and man-made reasons for global warming. Natural causes of global warming involve the emission of green house gases which are incapable to escape from the Earth, resulting in rise of temperature. Additionally, volcanic activities also account for global warming. These volcanic eruptions release tons of carbon dioxide gas which contribute to change in Earth’s temperature. In the same way, methane is another green house gas after carbon dioxide and is the second major contributor to global warming.

The man-made causes of global warming includes excessive consumption of motor vehicles and fossil fuels which increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Additionally, operations like mining and animal husbandry are extremely damaging to the environment. The most important cause of global warming is rapid deforestation. Trees are the largest absorbers of the Carbon Dioxide gas. If they disappear from earth, then nothing will remain to regulate the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Therefore, it will cause the temperature of the earth to rise. Immediate action should be taken to stop cutting down of trees and improve the earth again.

Global warming can be prevented when joint efforts are made. To achieve this, common people and governments have to take actionable steps towards a common goal. Our first step must be prohibiting activities that produce greenhouse gases. Additionally, we should limit the consumption of petroleum products for generation of electricity and transportation. The world should switch to an electric car that runs on batteries and not on petroleum products. Citizens can also reduce the use of private vehicles and choose public busses or pool a single car. 

Since most of the electricity is produced by burning coal, we should restrict the use of electricity so that less coal is burned. The government should frame strict rules and regulations to control the industrial waste and prevent factories from discharging hazardous gases into the atmosphere. Deforestation should be discontinued immediately and planting of trees should be promoted.

In a nutshell, we all should realize that our mother Earth is in a verge of getting sick. It needs to be treated and we can all come together to cure it. The present generation must take responsibility to stop global warming to safeguard the future generations. Hence, each tiny step in the direction of reducing or slowing down global warming is essential for our planet earth.

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