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This Novel is related to students of IIT Delhi in India. The author through his novel has raised a question on the education system in IITs in India. This aspect is emphasised by the tagline of this Novel which is “What Not to Do at IIT”.

This is a story of three boys- Ryan Oberoi, Hari Kumar and Alok Gupta who are studying in IIT under Professor Cherian. Ryan is a bright student blessed with great talents and belongs to a poor family. Ryan thinks that the IITs education system is not good and suppresses the true potential of a student through strict rules and regulations. Driven by his ideology, Ryan used to ask lots of annoying questions to the professors for which he was always sent out of the classrooms. 

Alok is an emotional person and believes in cramming the books rather than learning the concepts. He too belongs to a poor family with a paralyzed father and a mother who is a biology teacher. Hari on the other hand is a carefree guy and likes to do what his friends do. Once, Hari met Professor Cherian’s daughter Neha on the road and immediately fell in love with her.

When the result of the first exam was declared, the topper got 10 CGPA and these three friends got 5 each. The average CGPA was 6. Again, the final exam was ahead. They realized that they were going to fail the examinations. So, Ryan planned to steal question papers from the institution. Hari collected the keys of the building from Neha who knew where the keys were. As they arrived inside the building and found the question papers, the watchman caught them and informed the professor. When the professor came to know that his daughter was involved in this, he allowed them to go. But, Alok jumped from the institution building in depression, thankfully he had survived. Soon, Ryan completed his project and everyone liked his project and praised his talent. But the professor did not like him because he tried to steal the answer keys..At the end of the final exams, Alok got a job in Delhi and Hari got a job in Mumbai. But Ryan did not get any placement.

In this Novel ,the author criticized the Indian Education system. He thinks that even in IITs, the education system is not that good. In this Novel we can see Ryan, even though he is creative, intelligent and has unique talents, did not get a placement because of his poor marks. Author tried to disclose the struggles and the problems of the students. According to the author, the current education system is destroying their creativity, they are studying, but not learning. Students can do better if they start to think about new things in a new way. But the education system is not allowing them to explore their potential.

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