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Famine is a phenomena of widespread scarcity of food which is caused by various man made and natural factors. It can lead to malnutrition, starvation and even to death. When people start dying of lack of sufficient food and nutrition, it is declared as Famine. It is a serious threat to the existence of humans and animals.


There are many causes of famines including natural and man made.

Natural Causes: Many natural disasters tend to hit different parts of the world and lead to widespread destruction including food. Natural disasters like floods, tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes and droughts can destroy food production and storage facilities. Therefore, proper supply of food after a natural destruction occurs can avert the situation of famine.

Man Made Causes: There are several government policies that have accidently caused wars. Although there were no intentions, these wars have led many countries to suffer from famines. Unequal distribution of food among the urban and rural population may also lead to famine. Poverty has led people to sell contaminated food products that do not provide proper nutrition and can lead to famine. Also there are no food storage or transportation facilities available in several remote and rural areas of a nation that have led to famine in the past. 


Famine not only is responsible for widespread deaths but can also lead to several others health problems. People who are lucky to survive the famine may develop other side-effects which include lower fertility rate. Lack of good quality food and water, which is a major cause of famine, can lead to anemia.


In order to prevent famine in the future, the government should take active steps and formulate suitable policies that may not lead to war or famine. There should be equal distribution of food among the citizens. Government should provide ample job opportunities and take steps to alleviate the problem of poverty. People should be educated about how to grow and store food to meet temporary situations of shortage of food caused by natural disasters. Government should establish proper storage and transportation facilities in order to supply ample food to the religions struck by natural calamities.


  • Starvation: state of having no food for a long period  of time.
  • Avert: prevent 
  • Ample: enough, plentiful

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