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“Inner peace is a quiet evening moonlight walk in the soft falling snow of our minds.”

Wes Adamson

People have a pleasant walk in nearby parks and gardens.

In cities people after having their dinner go out for an evening walk with their families. There is a lot of time with the people at this moment as they have no other work to do before going to bed. The entire tiredness is gone with the fragrant smell of flowers in the park, and they feel refreshed. There is a good crowd in the parks. Nature is also bathed in beauty. There is greenery all round. The weather is quite pleasant in the evening as there is no heat or dust storm to give us uneasiness. The birds also come out of their nests after a very hot noon. Sweet notes of their twittering give us a lot of joy.

The daily walk was excellent exercise. They refresh our mind as well as our souls. A morning walk and an evening walk have their own charms and importance. An evening walk is the best tonic for the aged and ailing person. It is a permanent cure for many ailments. This is the walk which I enjoy the most

Walking is a wonderful exercise as well as a wonderful experience. Walking is considered as one among the best exercises. Evening walks are really comfortable as one could get away from the busy schedules and relax their minds. While choosing to go for an evening walk, always choose a locality that is very comfortable and smoothening and if you have a friend to accompany you, then the walk would be more interesting and not boring. Evening walk would help one de-stress from the daily chores and help in rejuvenating you for the next day. A good breath of fresh air, meeting new people and friends and enjoying the nature could bring a new sense of energy within you and get the stress out of you

Evening walks also provide other beautiful scenarios like kids playing around, elderly people chatting, birds chirping, and nature in all its beauty and glory and making the walk even more beautiful. The weather is also perfect in the evenings, being cool and comfortable and making it suitable for a walk with the gentle breeze flowing through you.

Taking a walk in the evening also helps you as an exercise, thereby helping you to be fit and healthy in the long run. There are many people who go for a walk at the best comfortable time for them and mostly people choose an evening walk as they need not hurry to their offices or schools like the morning hours. More time is available and thus makes the walk more worthwhile without any hurry.

There is a common English saying which is very beautiful: After dinner, rest a while. After supper, walk a mile.You will not be able to digest your late meal without a walk. If you go to bed straight away, you will run the risk of getting your stomach upset. It is necessary to have a short evening walk before you go to bed.

One of the most rewarding things of an evening walk is the sight of a beautiful sunset. It is one of the most glorious phenomenons of nature. The birds are flying back in flocks to their nests.

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