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“Inner peace is a quiet evening moonlight walk in the soft falling snow of our minds.” 

Wes Adamson

People have a pleasant walk in nearby parks and gardens.

In cities people after having their dinner go out for an evening walk with their families. There is a lot of time with the people at this moment as they have no other work to do before going to bed. The fragrance of the flowers refreshes our mind and make us feel relaxed immediately. There is a good crowd in the parks. Nature is also bathed in beauty. There is greenery all round. Pleasant weather of the evening fill us with a sense of calm. Birds flying and twittering around in a park fills our hearts with immense joy.

The daily evening walk is an excellent exercise. It refreshes our mind as well as our souls. An evening walk is the best tonic for the aged and ailing person. It is a permanent cure for many ailments. This is the walk which I enjoy the most

Walking is a wonderful exercise as well as a wonderful experience. Walking is considered as one of the best exercises. Long walks in the evening helps to change our busy and hectic environment and give us few hours of relaxed mind. A company of a friend during the evening walk can become a fun and exciting activity in your daily life.

Evening walk would help one de-stress from the daily chores and help in rejuvenating you for the next day. Evening walk is like a mini festival that you can enjoy daily. You can even increase your social circle by meeting new people in the park.

Evening walks also provide other beautiful scenarios like kids playing around, elderly people chatting, birds chirping, and nature in all its beauty and glory and making the walk even more beautiful. Taking a walk in the evening also helps you as an exercise, thereby helping you to be fit and healthy in the long run. Seeing the colours radiated by a setting sun is one of the most glorious and rewarding things of an evening walk.

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