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“Addiction is an adaptation. It’s not you – it’s the cage you live in.” 

Johann Hari

Addiction refers to the harmful habit of consuming substances that lead to some damaging consequences to the health of the users. Addiction doesn’t just leave side effects on our body but  harms mental health as well. In scientific terms, it is recognized as a severe health problem that is further linked to several chronic diseases.

“Hey boy, try it once. One should try these things at least once in a life. That’s how I was trapped said the 14 year old drug addict.” 

Parth Bishnoi

Teenagers are easily influenced by bad company and get into the habits of drug addiction. It starts small with a cigarette or two and with time,  the habit adds other substances. Excessive consumption of drugs can introduce several unwanted chemicals to the human body. A person who takes unprescribed drugs on a regular basis may start losing his thinking ability, lose memory capacity, anxiety issues and with time, may feel unable to speak clearly. The addicted ones cannot enjoy healthy sleep and  they experience mood swings at any unpredicted time. It may lead to a sudden happy or sad feeling. 

Many drug addicts even stop doing activities that they used to like earlier. Some drug addicts even start experiencing serious health problems such as vomiting, brain or lung damage. With time, it may start affecting their relationship with their friends and family as well. 

“Addiction is a family disease.. One person may use it, but the whole family suffers.” 

Shelly louis

There are plenty of harmful drugs in the market that people may access from different sources. Some of the commonly used drugs are nicotine, painkillers, opioids, heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. The repeated consumption of these harmful substances leads to the release of excessive dopamine content. This happy hormone may motivate a person to consume more drugs. It further causes an increase in blood pressure and nervous breakdown.

“Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven”

Donald Lyn Frost

Drugs can also lead to several troubles in professional and personal relationships. It can cause damage to the brain and may cause lack of decision making ability. The addicted person becomes hyperactive, moody, and hallucinate. A drug addict in desperation may get involved in illegal activities of stealing and robbing to attain money to buy more drugs. If they try to stop the consumption of these substances, they may experience some withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, fatigue and nausea. However, patients can access some effective treatments to deal with the symptoms. Some of the most effective options include medication, rehabilitation centres and behavioral therapy. The most important thing is having family and friends to support the treatment. It will help them build confidence and overcome their addiction.

“One of the hardest things was learning that I was worth recovery”

Demi Lovato

Drug addiction impacts millions and needs to be treated carefully to prevent further harm to the individual and let them live a better life.

“If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.”

Benjamin Alire Sáenz


  • Disguised: to give a new appearance to a thing or person especially in order to hide its true form.
  • Hallucinate: to seem to see, hear and feel something that does not exist.
  • Tremor: shaking usually form physical weakness 
  • Nausea: a feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit.

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