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Discipline Essay In English

The word “discipline” is derived from the Latin word “disciplina” which means“instruction and training”. Discipline is the way of living life with certain rules and regulations that keeps everybody punctual and under control. It encourages the person to make progress and brings them success. All of us has experienced discipline differently according to understanding and needs in life. Discipline is required in every person to show us the right path in life. Without discipline, life becomes completely dysfunctional and purposeless because nothing happens smoothly. We have to be disciplined if we need to achieve our goals. There are two forms of discipline, one that we acquire from outside society and another which develop within. However, at times, we demand motivation from an influential person to strengthen our self-discipline.

The best way to learn discipline is to practice it from childhood as we need it at many stages of our lives. Discipline has a different meaning for every man. For students, it means to study daily, completing their homework and assignments before the submission date. However, for an employee, discipline may be to wake up early in the morning, doing exercises, reaching office on time and performing office work adequately. 

Without discipline any person can fail in fulfilling their life’s goals which leads to unhappiness and miseries.

Self-discipline is required in every sphere of our life such as eating a well-balanced diet, controlling overconsumption of food, doing regular exercise etc. One can have health challenges due to poor and undisciplined eating and drinking habits, so discipline is necessary to stay healthy. 

Parents need to create self-discipline habits in their kids as soon as possible. They need to continue inspiring their kids always so that they treat others with respect and perform all duties at the right moment. Some children do not listen to their parents. At such times, parents should educate their children with calmness and patience. Naturally speaking, each and every person has a different time and capability to accept discipline. Therefore, one should be persistent and keep striving continually to be disciplined. A good way to learn discipline is to take baby steps but make sure you are always moving forward. Discipline is the key to success.

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