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Rahul: Hi Roy, how are you? It’s been a long time.

Roy: Yes Rahul, it’s been a few months. How have you been?

Rahul: The lockdown period went really great. Though I was missing school very much.

Roy: Same here, though there was no loss of studies due to online classes, I was really wishing that we could all be together in the school.

Rahul: Absolutely, we used to play during the recess, discuss our problems together and help each other in the class work. 

Roy: Now that the schools are reopening I wish the Corona vaccine should come fast and the situation to normalize again. How did you spend your lockdown?

Rahul: It was great, besides my studies I learned how to play guitar.

Roy: That is great. You have enough time to follow your hobby. I too enrolled myself in learning computers through an online course.

Rahul: Great so we both learned something during the lockdown and made it productive. 

Roy: But Rahul, do we still have to wear masks and follow social distancing now that the schools are reopening again?

Rahul: Yes of course, Roy. You know my father is a doctor and he has told me to follow all the COVID guidelines. 

Roy: That means there is still a long way to go to eliminate corona from our life. What else did he tell you?

Rahul: He also told me that even after the vaccination, we still have to follow the COVID norms because there are different types of Corona virus spreading all over the world. So it will take time.

Roy: I am really surprised by the decision of school management now. The situation is still critical and yet they reopened the schools.

Rahul: Yes Rahul, but if we follow the COVID norms then we are 100% safe. Also it was important to reopen schools as students were not getting adequate attention and they were lacking behind in their studies. 

Roy: That is true. Thanks Rahul for sharing such valuable information. I have to go now. We’ll meet in school.

Rahul: Ok Great, Roy. Have a good day. Bye.

Roy: Bye.

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