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Tanisha: Hi Elita, how are you?

Elita: I am good, what about you?

Tanisha: I am good. How was your summer vacation? 

Elita: It was great. I enjoyed my time a lot.

Tanisha: Where did you go? 

Elita: I went to see my sister in the village. My parents were with me. I had great fun there.

Tanisha: That’s great. What types of fun activities have you done there?

Elita: I have done lots of fun activities. I went to a fair and took a ride on various swings. My cousins taught me how to fly the kite as well. Later we went to see the fields and clicked some photographs at the tubewell.

Tanisha: That’s cool. What have you enjoyed most?

Elita: All the people are so heart-warming and they welcomed us with lots of love. You know, I visited the village after five years. So I found a lot of changes there. I have enjoyed the good changes and I loved meeting with the local people. 

Tanisha: I am sure, you had an amazing time, I can assume. 

Elita: What have you done in the summer vacation?

Tanisha: It was pretty good. I visited my uncle in Kolkata. He worked at the nearest tea estate. 

Elita: So you have been to the tea garden?

Tanisha: Yes, I had been. 

Elita: That seems interesting. How was your time?

Tanisha: I enjoyed my time a lot. I loved it because my grandmother is living with my uncle. I got a chance to spend some time with her. 

Elita: What was the most beautiful thing you have done there?

Tanisha: I went on a bike ride with my uncle in the tea estate and it was a very fascinating experience.

Elita: I am sure you had an amazing time, I can guess. How about we go somewhere to eat?

Tanisha: Yeah sure. But not now as I have some urgent work to do. How about tomorrow?

Elita: That would be great. See you tomorrow then. Bye-bye.

Tanisha: Yes, I’ll call you. Good Bye.

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