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Dave: Hey! Rupert, why are you not wearing any face mask?

Rupert: Mask? What should I wear a mask for? The lockdown has ended now and people are getting vaccinated.

Dave: Yes, even though there is no lockdown and people got vaccinated, we should still follow the COVID-19 guidelines laid down by the government.

Rupert: Are you seriouos?

Dave: Yes Rupert! even though the lockdown has ended and people are vaccinated, the corona virus can still spread as the virus has not yet been eradicated completely. Due to many careless people several pocket zones has been identified which are permanently put under lockdown again.

Rupert: Oh! That’s a really bad news. I am one of them because I haven’t wore my mask for almost a week. Is there any way I can find out that I am infected or not?

Dave: People who are infected by the virus show three major symptoms like fever, cough and shortness of breath. These symptoms are quiet similar to common cold or influenza. If you think you are experiencing these symptoms then you must consult a doctor and get your RTPCR test immediately.

Rupert: I will definitely get myself checked and meanwhile I shall start following the COVID guidelines to the best of my effort.

Dave: You should start wearing the mask, practice social distancing and sanitize yourself regularly. Always cover your mouth while sneezing. Don’t spit in public places. Thoroughly wash your hands with a liquid soap and avoid public gatherings.

Rupert: Thank you! Dave for opening my eyes. I will start following the COVID guidelines from this point onwards. 

Dave: You’re welcome Rupert. I hope the COVID situation improves soon but till then we have to be really careful.

Rupert: I really am looking forward to see the world free from COVID. I’ll see you again Dave. Bye for now.

Dave: Bye.

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