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Student: Good morning ma’am, do you have some spare time as I have a suggestion on the current education system.

Teacher: Yes sure Nivedita, do tell me what are your views about it.

Student: I believe the online education system which has been introduced due to COVID-19 is very beneficial for the students and should be continued as it has become the “new normal”.

Teacher: So you think the online education system can replace the conventional system?

Student: Ma’am I can take my classes from anywhere and anytime in a few clicks of a button. I can review the parts I don’t understand any number of times and I can clear my doubts anytime through chat and video conferencing. In other words It has transformed the way I study.

Teacher: Don’t you think looking continuously on the screen for a longer period of time affects your eyes and mental focus?

Student: Yes ma’am, at first I did experience problems but now I only use mobile at the time of studies only.

Teacher: That’s good. You must also be careful about social media applications like facebook, youtube etc. which will distract you easily from your studies.

Student: Ma’am for that I have turned off all the unwanted notifications from my mobile settings. So I have considerably lowered my chances of getting distracted by social media

Teacher: But Nivedita, if you take online education, you won’t be in touch with your friends and teachers, you will feel isolated and alone. The interaction with other students and teachers in a classroom will give you a sense of belongingness which is a basic human need.

Students: I completely agree ma’am this is a striking disadvantage of the online education system.  But we also have to follow COVID guidelines and the online education system plays a pivotal role in this.

Teacher: Actually you are right Nivedita, despite several disadvantages, the online education system is the future for us. We never know when a new virus can strike the world again and go pandemic. We must be ready for such a situation and adopt online education rather than wasting the precious time of a student.

Student: Yes ma’am, I have already wasted 1 year, staying home without attending any class. With the online education system, I will be able to continue my studies irrespective of the conditions. 

Teacher: You are an intelligent student. I will forward your suggestions and views to the Principal, so that a proper plan of action can be prepared to make online education the “new normal”.

Student: Thank you ma’am, I am getting late for the next class. I have to go.

Teacher: Okay Nivedita. Don’t be late and go attend your classes.

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