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Student: Good Morning Ma’am.

Teacher: Good Morning Rahul, do you have any questions?

Student: Yes Ma’am, as I am studying and taking exams online, why cannot we transform the whole education system from offline to online.

Teacher: Rahul, it is a very interesting idea, I know it is quite exciting to make use of modern technology and learn through online classes, however offline classes play a very important role in your personality development.

Student: Ma’am how can I develop my personality by studying at school and not at my home

Teacher: It is not all about studies Rahul, at schools you are able to have face to face interactions which is the most efficient way of communication. You will be more attentive in a classroom rather than behind the screen of a mobile phone or a laptop. Such mobile devices have access to social media apps and websites that create more distractions and students are not fully engaged in the lectures.

Student: But Ma’am I do not use such websites and my parents have used parental control applications that do not give me access to such websites. Moreover, I am quite sincere about my studies and never waste my time browsing unnecessary material.

Teacher: I know Rahul, you are one of the most intelligent and hardworking students. But not every student is like you. Many students cannot even afford mobile phones and laptops, some students belong to rural regions and do not know how to use zoom applications and some children are too small to be educated online.

Student: I understood Ma’am, online education is quite a challenging task for kindergarteners and below 5th class students. But other students can easily learn how to use online education platforms and nowadays every family has a smartphone as they have become so cheap nowadays.

Teacher: You have a good point Rahul, but it is not only about studies. In schools, you can perform extra curricular activities like playing sports, doing physical training, taking part in dramatics, drawing competitions, quizzes, annual sports and dramatics competitions etc. that shapes your personality in a way that online education systems can never do. These activities can impart characteristics of discipline, leadership, team spirit, brotherhood, and a sense of unity.

Student: Alright Ma’am I understood why schools are so important for us.

Teacher: Schools are very important for students, Rahul, not only they help you receive quality education but they also help you build your soft skills of leadership, communication, teamwork, creativity and time management.

Student: Thank you ma’am for helping me understand the importance of offline classes.

Teacher: I am glad you ask this brilliant question, now everyone in the classroom will understand schools are the best form of education.

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