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In this post I am going to write an inspirational dialogue between teacher and student about discipline to help students in their homework. Lets get started.

Student: Ma’am why are we taught to follow the rules and regulations and stay disciplined?

Teacher: Glad you asked this question, Discipline is the most important personality trait of a successful person. Following the rules and regulations will help you perform any given task in the right way.

Student: What would happen Ma’am if I don’t stay in discipline as it is quite hard to follow the rules sometimes.

Teacher: I understand it is very hard to stay disciplined. But “Life without discipline is just like a ship without radar”. You will move around but you will never find the right direction.

Student: So that means I should never ignore the importance of discipline in my life. But how will it benefit me?

Teacher: Discipline will help you stay away from negative temptations. It will provide you a clear path to achieve the positive attributes of life.

Student: Will it help me in my studies and homework as I am not able to complete my daily homework.

Teacher: Yes of course, discipline will teach you how to manage your time. A disciplined person will list all the work they have to perform in a single day. He will prioritize the most important work and finish them first. Discipline will help you waste time on unnecessary things.

Student: So I should prepare my own time table for home and follow it like I do in school. But when will I play?

Teacher: A disciplined person always has the time for recreation. You can set a 1-2 hours of playtime every day after school. After that, you can start finishing the important homework and assignments.

Student: This is great ! finally I feel quite confident. Thank you for teaching me the importance of Discipline.

Teacher: I am glad you learned a very important lesson of life. Remember to always follow discipline, this will help you maintain regularity, focus and concentration.

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