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Student: May I come in Sir?

Teacher: Yes Rahul come in.

Student: Good morning Sir. I am very confused about my career. I really want to talk to you about this.

Teacher: Sure Rahul. Sit down. Tell me how can I help you?

Student: Sir, I don’t know about my career goals and the right time to start the process.

Teacher:  Well Rahul, you can start right now. First of all, you write down all the possible career choices you are eligible for. Then you can narrow it down to 2-3 career options according to your interests and skills. 

Student: But Sir, I am still not exactly sure in which job roles I have the most interest.

Teacher: I understand Rahul, it can be stressful at times. You can see your past academic performance. See in which subjects you’re already getting good grades and which subjects you like to study the most. I heard you have consistently performed excellent in mathematics.

Student: Yes Sir, I love maths. I should definitely look forward for a career as a mathematician or an accountant. So sir, when should I start applying for jobs?

Teacher: You can start applying for various jobs during the last year of your college. Since, you have already passed the 3rd year, you can start writing your resume.

Student: Oh that’s great! Are there any beginner’s mistakes I should be aware of while making my resume?

Teacher: Yes, your Resume should be job specific and relevant with the role you’re applying for. Therefore mention relevant skills and experience in minute details. Do not forget to mention your contact information on your Resume.

Student: Thank you Sir for all the help. I am very grateful to have a teacher like you. Now I feel very confident.

Teacher: Good Luck Rahul.

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