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Customer: Please give me 10 Kg Aata, 1 kg of sugar, a packet of Salt and 2 bottles of Cooking Oil.

Shopkeeper: Sure Sir. Here are your items.

Customer: Alright. Thank you. How much does it cost?

Shopkeeper: Here is your bill Sir.

Customer: Oh God! The bill amount is too high. Please double check the bill, I think you have overcharged me or billed some items twice.

Shopkeeper: No Sir, it is not possible. Our shop is computerised and each item is added to the bill via a scanning device.  The bill is completely authentic and accurate.

Customer: The same items cost me Rs. 520 last week. Now I am paying 610 rupees. Can you explain to me how?

Shopkeeper: Sir, the prices have increased now. Sugar price is increased by Rs. 7 per kg, the flour has become costlier too and so is the case with cooking oil and other items in your bucket.

Customer: Alright. Why is there a sudden rise in prices now?

Shopkeeper: It is due to the steep rise in prices of fuel and transportation which has increased the cost of production of the goods. And as you know sir, any changes in price of fuel, immediately impacts price of food items.

Customer: Oh! this is so sad and completely unfair. A poor person is already struggling to make both ends meet and then this inflation. How will a common man survive when inflation reaches a high level? The economic performance is already declining, so the government should do something.

Shopkeeper: Yes, you are right sir. After the Corona crises, the factories have stopped the production of goods and went to losses. And now the situation is normalizing a bit, they are trying to recover their losses by increasing the prices.

Customer: Yes I can understand. These are tough times and we should provide more money to the market to improve the country’s economic condition.

Shopkeeper: But we have already charged you with very nominal prices Sir. However, I can offer you a 5% discount on your bill for being a loyal customer.

Customer: That is quite generous of you. Thanks for the discount.

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