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Mother: Alisha, your online class is about to get started in 15 minutes. Get ready with your notebook and pen.

Daughter: Just coming Mom, I am just finishing up my homework from yesterday’s class. 

Mother: I wonder how these online classes are better than the regular ones.

Daughter: Mom online classes have a number of benefits. Firstly, you don’t need to wear a uniform, haha. Just kidding. Online classes are quite convenient and flexible. It is how the future schools will look like.

Mother: But with the regular classes,you don’t have to constantly stare at your mobile or computer screens and lose your eyesight. Also you get easily distracted.

Daughter: Yes Mom, online classes have both advantages and disadvantages. However, I use the mobile phone only during classes and submission of homework.

Mother: You are a bright student Alisha, You are doing good management of your time. Online classes have made you more self-disciplined.

Daughter: Thank you mom, I always wanted to give my maximum time to both my education and hobbies. With online classes, I am able to get an hour extra to devote to painting.

Mother: Alisha, do tell me how these online classes work.

Daughter: Basically mom, I have to download and install zoom meeting on my phone. Then I have to register my account in it using my phone number. And at the time of classes, I get a link of the online class in our whatsApp group. Just clicking on it will start the live class. 

Mother: Ok good. Tell me one thing.Don’t you miss your regular classes and seeing your friends for real? 

Daughter: I miss those days when me and hina used to discuss our doubts in between classes. Online classes do have this disadvantage. But Hina and I always discuss the lecture on a phone call.

Mother: you’re a good girl, you must be feeling hungry. should I prepare you something to eat? It’s almost lunch time. 

Daughter: Sure Mom, but it is time to take the class. After class we will have lunch and discuss more.

Mother: Okay. Take your class then. I’ll prepare something for lunch.

Daughter: Thank you mom.

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