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In this post we are going to write a dialogue between a mother and daughter discussing about computer games. Computer games in present times have a special place. It has both advantages and disadvantages for students and teenagers. Parents need to understand the importance of computer games in the new age and this dialogue is perfect for those parents.

Mother: Myra have you done your homework for today?

Daughter: Yes Mom, I have finished my homework and I am now going to play with my friends.

Mother: But it’s 8 P.M. I cannot let you go outside at night to play with your friends.

Daughter: It’s ok mom, I am going to play Fortnite with my friends online.

Mother: Myra! What did I tell you before about how computer games are so bad for your health and studies?

Daughter: Yes, Mom I understand that computer games can become addictive and it will affect my eyes too.

Mother: Not only that, you will also spend less time in studies as your concentration will get diverted. It is a very easy distraction.

Daughter: Yes mom I know, that is why I always first finish my homework and other chores before I sit down to play games. It refreshes my mind and I really love the game.

Mother: Which game do you play and why do you love it so much?

Daughter: I play Fortnite with my friends online because It is a really fun game where I can play and interact with my friends at the same time through chat and microphone.

Mother: I understand but you spend too much time playing computer games. There are other productive hobbies as well which you can practice in your free time. You are just wasting your precious time by playing computer games.

Daughter: I understand your viewpoint Mom. But nowadays computer games are not the same. One of my friends, Ryan, is very skillful in playing Fortnite. 

Mother: So?

Daughter: Computer games have become so popular in present times that there are official competitions. Ryan has won many competitions like these and was awarded cash prizes in lakhs.

Mother: So you are saying just like singing and dancing, playing computer games can become a career too?

Daughter: Yes Mom, there are many people who play only computer games for their living. Many of them have opened youtube channels where they stream gaming videos and are earning online.

Mother: But Myra, making a career out of computer games are for boys, will you be able to achieve that.

Daughter: Mom it is not about girls or boys, it is about how much time I can devote and practice a game. With daily practice and concentration, I can become an expert at anything.

Mother: Alright Myra, follow your dreams and work hard to achieve them. But not at the cost of education.

Daughter: Thank you Mom for understanding. You are the greatest! 

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