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This is a dialogue between mother and daughter about buying a new smart phone for online classes. Due to COVID 19 lockdown many students are now attending online classes. For them to have their own personal smart phone is very beneficial. In this post we are showing you a conversation between a mother and daughter where the daughter is trying to convince her mother to buy her a new smart phone.

Daughter: Hello Mom! Good Morning.

Mother: Good Morning my love. Why are you so excited today? 

Daughter: Since you asked mom, as my schools are going online due to COVID, I really would like to have a personal smartphone for my studies.

Mother: But you already have a laptop. If you really need a smartphone you can always use mine or your father’s phone.

Daughter: Yes mom, but having my own personal smartphone is very convenient for me. I cannot carry a laptop everywhere since they are too heavy to move around. And sitting in front of a laptop for hours hurts my back.

Mother: How will a smartphone help you more than a laptop in your studies?

Daughter: A smartphone will really help me as I can easily access my online classes and I can interact with my teachers and my friends about an assignment through WhatsApp. I can easily ask my own doubts and questions of other students to effectively improve my studies. With the help of a smartphone I can learn about extra topics anytime in a day and even on vacations or trips. I am not restricted to a single place and also I do not have to wait for you and papa for your phone. I can really improve the quality of my studies through a smartphone.

Mother: Since me and your father both are working, I understand that a smartphone can really help you increase the time and quality of your studies. But I am afraid you will waste more time watching unnecessary Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. There are many distractions in a smartphone and you will easily get addicted to chatting with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp about unwanted stuff rather than studies. 

Daughter: I promise mom I will use the smartphone for my studies only. In fact, there is a special feature in smartphones these days where only specific apps are permitted to be used and other applications are password protected. 

Mother: Ok. You mean I can lock other applications with the password that only I know. 

Daughter: Yes Mom.

Mother: But still, there are lots of videos and other illicit content which are not fit to watch for childrens below the age of 18.

Daughter: Yes Mom, but there are parental control applications that block such type of content. 

Mother: That is great then. I was worried that the use of smartphones could negatively affect your quality of studies. But you have convinced me that it won’t be a problem. I will talk to your father and get you a brand new smartphone.

Daughter: Thank you mom. I love you a lot.

Mother: But you have to promise me that you will use your smartphone only for studies and recreation and won’t overuse it and disturb your sleep.

Daughter: I promise you mom.

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