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Deforestation means cutting down trees on a large scale. Today it has become a global problem. This problem is increasing with each day. Many wild animals and birds have faced extinction due to deforestation.

There are numerous causes of deforestation. The population explosion is the main cause of deforestation. More people need more food and shelter. Because of this, people cut down trees indiscriminately all over the world. Every day the world loses hundreds of acres of forest. There is a close connection between drought and deforestation. Regular drought is one of the symptoms of deforestation. Furthermore, over-cultivation and soil erosion are other causes of deforestation.

Deforestation causes serious damage to our lives and the environment. It is a great threat to the ecological balance. Carbon dioxide is increasing around the world due to deforestation. As a result, the world is heating up day by day. Sea levels are rising and much of the world will be engulfed by sea in the future. On the other hand, new regions of the world are turning into deserts due to deforestation. Birds and animals have to leave their place due to the cutting down of trees. Deforestation also causes serious damage to the soil because trees protect the soil.

The soil produces sediment in the river bed and causes frequent flooding due to the lack of trees. So if we accidentally destroy the trees, one day the earth will turn into a great desert. All animals and birds will not find food or shelter. There will be no rain. As a result, our agriculture will be in a serious crisis. The temperature will rise which will result in a greenhouse effect. Our country will become unsuitable for living because of various natural disasters such as floods, droughts, storms, etc.

The United Nations has already organized several conferences on deforestation. As a nation, we have certain responsibilities. We must come together and fulfil our duty to prevent the deforestation process. We must plant more trees to save our environment and our lives. We should not waste paper so there will be less cutting of trees. The government must lay out plans to control population explosion so as to not burden forests to meet our ever-increasing needs.

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