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Childhood is the primary stage. It knows neither anxiety nor fear, nor good nor evil. It is the time of ignorance and innocence. The child’s heart is as pure as crystal, and it is also said that “God dwells in the child”. But some people without understanding the importance of the fact that it is a God given right that children be loved, they abuse them to an extent that their future is ruined forever.

“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.”

Dave Pelzer

Child abuse is a crime which is committed by individuals who are frustrated by their own lives. Abusing a child is as serious a crime as killing a person because a child has a soft heart and any abuse that he or she goes through in early stages of life, leaves a long lasting imprint on his mind for always. The moment his memory flashes of the abuses that he or she has faced in their lifetime, the child’s heart is filled with sadness. Child abuse is more common and as broad as you think it can be. It causes certain adverse effects on the child so they must be given extra support and attention.

Child abuse is usually divided into four categories: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. Although they all differ from each other, each one can be extremely detrimental to the child’s well-being.

“Childhood trauma does not come in one single package.”

Asa Don Brown

Physical Abuse: Includes any act of touching or injuring a child in any way.

Sexual Abuse: It contains elements of both physical and emotional abuse. Sexual abuse means to compel a child to observe sexual acts or to force a child to engage in sexual acts alone or with another person. 

“You took away my innocence, but you can never take away my spirit to survive.”

Child Sex Abuse Survivor.

Emotional Abuse: This includes all non-physical acts that have an emotional or psychological impact on a child, such as Verbal abuse.

“It is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.”

Aisha Mirza

Neglect: This is the most common form of child abuse. Neglect includes acts such as failure to provide the child with basic necessities for a healthy life i.e. food, water, shelter, healthcare, or love. 

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.”                     – Abigail Van Buren

Child abuse can come in many different forms and its effects are long lasting. Abused children often show different symptoms that indicate abuse. Typically, their behavior changes drastically. They might show signs of antisocial behaviors such as becoming extremely quiet and aloof. When a child has been physically abused, there are usually physical symptoms in their body, such as bruises, cuts, or pain.

“The initial trauma of a young child may go underground but it will return to haunt us.”

James Garbarino

Child abuse is a matter that needs utmost attention since it involves the future generation of this world. This can be avoided by keeping parents in family counseling seminars by encouraging them to take better care of their children. There are also some organizations like UNICEF that specializes in dealing with these types of issues. Children are an important part of the society, so utmost love and care should be given to them.

“You’re not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth and raging courage.”

Alex Elle

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