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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Albert Einstein.

Corruption is the misuse of natural or public resources and power by someone for their personal interest/gain. Corruption is spreading like a virus that is spreading not only in our country but around the world. It affects the growth and development of the country in all aspects such as socially, economically and politically. Poor people are becoming poorer and rich people are getting richer day by day.

“Corruption is a cancer that steals from the poor, eats away at governance and destroys trust.”

Robert zoellick

Corruption is prevalent in every field such as hospitals, education, jobs, sports, government offices, etc. Everything has become a business and the source of earning money in the wrong way. Everyone wants to earn money by hook or by crook. 

Now the situation is going from bad to worse. Earlier money was given for doing wrong work but now the money has to be paid for doing the right thing as well.

“Corruption in the form of bribery and misuse of public funds is a major obstacle to democracy and economic development in many of the world’s poor countries.”

Ulla Tornaes


  1. The major cause of corruption is greed for money. The thirst of earning more money in less time makes the people walk on the wrong path and become corrupt. 
  2. Most of the people bribe the officials in order to get their work done quickly
  3. The low salaries are also a reason for corruption because government employees get low salaries as compared to private sector employees, so they find the wrong way to earn extra money.
  4. Many corrupt politicians are using their illegal or black money by investing into their own or someone’s business to make it white.
  5. The other reasons of corruption are illiteracy, poverty and inaccurate economic policies of the government. Lack of social and economic justice are also the causes of corruption. 

“One must beware of ministers who can do nothing without money and those who want to do everything with money.”

Indira Gandhi


  1. CCTV cameras must be installed at the workplace. Strict punishment should be given to the guilty. People can also take initiative to record any corrupt practice going around them in their mobile and share it in their nearby police station.
  2. We should take it as a responsibility to always follow the right course of action to get our work done and should not indulge in bribery for speedy disposal of work.
  3. The government must take proper measures to keep inflation low. Due to rise in prices, many people feel their incomes to be low and their purchasing power lowers which motivates them to indulge in corruption. Therefore, the government should make sure the employee’s salary should be adjusted to the present inflation adequately.
  4. It’s our responsibility to cast our vote wisely. We should all take a pledge to never vote for a person who has maligned intentions and has a criminal background.
  5. The government must make policies to ensure that every child in the country goes to school and gets proper education. Political parties, Nongovernmental organization (NGOs) and national news media should adopt the necessary measures to eradicate corruption from our country.

“The biggest disease is corruption. The vaccine is transparency.”


Corruption is a great evil of society. It is the root cause of various other serious problems in our country. This evil should be eliminated from society. We can fight corruption if we stand united and are determined against corruption.

“There is no compromise when it comes to corruption. You have to fight it.”

 A.K. Antony


  • Prevalent: widespread
  • by hook or by crook: by using any method
  • Meritorious: deserving
  • Inflation: price rise
  • adequately: appropriately
  • maligned: to criticize someone unfairly

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