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The idea of Clean and Green Pakistan is very important in our life. A clean and green environment provides a healthy way of living. On the other hand, pollution in the environment can lead to lots of diseases. Being a Muslim country we should make joint efforts to keep our surroundings clean and green. According to the famous Hadith in the Quran, cleanliness is a part of faith which is an important aspect of our life and should not be ignored.

We should not throw garbage on streets and roads openly as it will produce harmful germs. To achieve our aim of Clean and Green Pakistan, we should first start to make our homes and our surrounding area clean. We should plant more trees around us as trees help us in many ways.

Making Pakistan Clean and Green is a responsibility of all the citizens. Therefore, we should all come together and make joint efforts to clean our societies. Pakistan is one of the top 12 countries severely affected by Pollution. Excessive use of motor vehicles, burning of coal to produce electricity, emission of harmful gases from mills, factories and plants etc. have created the problem of Global Warming which is severely affecting our climate. The harmful effects of pollution posing a serious danger is putting our country in great misery. The situation is alarming and it is high time that we should all come together to prevent pollution and plant more trees, as they are natural air purifiers.

The Government should formulate a proper cleanliness system and educate people about their roles and responsibilities through workshops. We should be accountable towards the government and think of it as our fundamental duty. We all should form a local group and spread awareness through various campaigns about keeping our Pakistan Clean and Green.

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