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The current generation is using smartphones that are more influenced by the internet. These handsets do not just allow conversation with another party, but also they have become a great source of knowledge and entertainment. The majority of people around the world these days are using the internet in their everyday life. However, this technology also comes with pros and cons that leave a great impact on our lifestyle.

Merits of cell phones:

The biggest advantage of cell phones is that they give us the ability to call from anywhere, at any time. There is no need to find a phone booth or sit around a landline to make conversation. You can talk wherever the network is available. 

These devices allow users to retrieve information instantly. Moreover, these devices are now rolled with many smart capabilities including alarm clocks, cameras, watches, internet access, device controllers, and many more. 

Cell phones at present time have also become a solution to entertainment and data storage. The GPS connectivity further makes it easier to find your way to any random destination. 

Due to COVID-19 smartphones are used in various online education systems. Students can now attend e-classes at their home through various e-classroom applications like Zoom meetings, Google Classrooms etc.

Demerits of cell phones:

The biggest demerit of the smartphone is that these devices cause a significant distraction to the people. The hands-free technology leads to extensive use. Unfortunately, millions of people die in road accidents due to the involvement of cell phones while driving. 

New feature-rich cell phones are expensive as well; they can put a big hole in your pocket. Furthermore, a large number of people are becoming a victim of cybercrime and cyberbullying due to cell phones.  

Some people (mostly teens) get hooked to various games and social media applications available in smartphones that they forget the main purpose of having a smartphone. As a result, they waste a lot of their valuable time which could have been used for productive work.

With the wide use of mobile phones, people are more comfortable in chatting and virtual relationships. People prefer visiting facebook, Instagram, etc. rather than entering into social gatherings.

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