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Yesterday I went to see one of the greatest cricket matches ever played. It was an inter school cricket match finals between my school, The Innocent Hearts and The St. Joseph’s Convent School.

It was a sunny day with fine weather. Students were gathered in large numbers to witness the match in Gurunanak Stadium. The captain of my school team won the toss and decided to bat first.

Both the openers from my school team were excellent batsmen. Yogesh, the player who faced the very first ball, hit the ball very hard for sixes. The crowd was cheering for him, while the other player was playing very steadily and cleverly. He was taking singles and doubles, and was trying his best to give Yogesh the strike every time. Both of them secured 21 runs in the first over only.

But at the very first ball of the 2nd over, Yogesh was clean bowled. The ball was quite new and the new bowler was a great swinger. The bowler took 2 more wickets in the same over and gave just 5 runs. This clearly demotivated the team spirit of my school team. However, the captain of my school team stayed calm and composed.

The captain took charge of the situation and slowly pulled up the score to 100 runs. They kept the risky shots for rare moments and focussed more on singles and doubles. 

But at one moment, he tried for a six but the ball went into the hands of the fielder near the boundary. After the captain got out, the rest of the team failed to make significant runs and as a result the team was all out at 135 runs in 19 overs.

The St. Joseph’s team was all set to beat my school team. They have 6 good batsmen but still my school team gave them a hard time. 

After making 50 runs in 8 overs they lost their first wicket. This motivated our team to make more efforts but the other team’s captain played a very beautiful game and quickly raised the score to 110 at the end of 15th over. They were only 1 down and they needed only 16 more runs in 30 balls. However, at the very first ball of the 16th over, our spinner bowled an impossible googly, and the captain was caught out.

After the captain was gone, the wickets of the rest of the team fell fairly quickly but as the 10th batsman was on strike they needed 2 runs in 1 ball. Our pacer bowled the fastest ball to him to which he stroked it hard and the ball went in air for the boundary. But due to bad luck the ball was caught by the player at the deep position and he was dismissed and as a result our school team won the match by 2 runs at the very last ball.

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